Emotional big data arrives to DI55ECCIONS
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Emotional big data arrives to DI55ECCIONS

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April 20, 2017

Yesterday afternoon we received Martina and Axel, from Domestic Data Streamers, who brought us the world of data communication at the fourth conference of our cycle. During his speech, made in two voices, the speakers talked about the referents who have marked them most during their career. Without resorting to topics, both highlighted figures such as Cristóbal Colón (founder and president of La Fageda), an example of how to adapt work to people and not people to work, Edward Bernays (nephew of the illustrious Sigmund Freud), Jacques Tati, whose films like "Les vacances de M. Hulot" or "Mon oncle" taught us how we adopt and adapt the new technologies to our way of life. They also referred to projects such as Collective Intelligence and Hippo Watter Roller, which seek to provide creative and useful solutions to society based on observation.

When talking about trends, they decided to focus on the future of Domestic Data Streamers. They defended the multidisciplinary nature of their team and the richness that allows them to work transversally: "Having very different profiles allows us to go further. When we put a professional in an area that is not yours, we get a new vision of things". Likewise, it is clear that projecting into the emotional component of design always gives good results, and that it is not advisable to keep the first solution that arises before a problem, but always go looking for new challenges.

The speakers also showed us some of their work for all types of customers (Nike, Spotify, etc.). "We were especially excited about collaborating with UNICEF", said Axel. "When we launch a new project, we like to see the people’s reaction because it helps us to improve in the future".

Finally, all the attendees enjoyed a cocktail in the Agora space courtesy of Moritz and Vermut Yzaguirre as they shared their impressions on the fourth DI55ECCIONS.

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