Technological Product Design
Summer Courses | 0VPX9D3D | Technological Product Design

In the current context of globalization and modernization, technological products are present in all areas of our daily life, facilitating day-to-day actions or helping us to improve our health. These objects have specific characteristics, both for the technology they use and for the new processes and methodologies that arise from their production. 

The course shows the current state of the technological product market in its different fields of application and delves into the methodologies, tools and processes used in the design phase. During the program we will work on the potential of digital manufacturing and will analyze how it has changed the way we design and produce. Finally, a prototype will be developed at TecnoFab' School.

  • Certification: Technological Product Design
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program length: 40 hours
  • Dates: From 16th to 27th July
  • Schedule: Mondays to Fridays, from 17 to 21h
  • Coordination: Ernest Perera
  • Isaac Salom

- Preparing students for innovative and creative projects in the field of technological product design.

- Acquiring knowledge related to new methodologies for generating ideas and concepts in this area.

- Identifying the importance of correct context analysis in design.

- Knowing the market (trade fairs, congresses, events) and the latest trends in product design.

Discover the creations of our Product Design students.

  • Technological Product Designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Digital Manufacturing Expert

    Graduates and professionals of design who want to acquire new tools for the conception of innovative solutions in product design and who wish to have a vision of the current outlook of this discipline.

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