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Alumni Diana Abalo, iD International Emerging Designer Awards finalist

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February 15, 2018

Our graduate of the 2016/17 class will participate with "Ethereal nebulosity" in the final of the New Zealand competition, which will take place within the iD Dunedin Fashion Week next May. Diana is one of the 46 finalists selected from among the 200 applicants who applied, belonging to 53 different schools. In total, more than twenty countries will be represented in this competition in which emerging designers of multiple nationalities will showcase the latest in fashion innovation and creativity to be judged by an international panel of experts. "The talent on show for 2018 is pushing boundaries with diverse cultural and personal identities explored through their fashion languages", says Dr. Margo Barton, iD Dunedin Fashion Creative Director. Congratulations and good luck, Diana!

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