Official Master's Degree in Experiential Interior Design (English or Spanish)

Masters and Postgraduates | MA007 | Official Master's Degree in Experiential Interior Design (English or Spanish)

Experiential Interior Design (EID) refers to the practice of implementing experiential values in the field of spatial design. It is a new approach to the creation of interiors based on the principles of human behavior in relation to an environment organized and defined by human beings that stresses their experiential needs. 

The idea of EID is based around the impact of an environment which is formed by subjective individual experience. This is the result of human interaction with the physical space or environment whose impact can be described as sensory, emotional, intellectual, pragmatic and/or social. 

Therefore, the Official Master's Degree in Experiential Interior Design places people at the center of the practice of spatial design. Through knowledge, techniques and skills structured around a project-based culture, students will learn to come up with creative solutions to incorporate in the best possible way the influence of human experience in the relationships that users establish in and with places. 

The integration of technology and a multi-channel, 360º view of the user's experience (now forming the core of the research and project development) help students of the program to acquire the skills necessary to carry out projects specialized in the emotional experience of space.

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  • Certification: Official Master's Degree in Experiential Interior Design
  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Program length: 1 year divided in 2 semesters
  • Dates: October to July
  • Schedule: Three days a week, 18:00h - 22:00h
  • Specialty itineraries:
    • Commercial spaces (Retail Design)
    • Spaces for the hospitality and restaurant industry (Hospitality Design)
  • Directors: Dr. Carmelo Zappulla and Pedro Coelho
  • Dr. Iván Álvarez
  • Dr. Edgar Domínguez Carreño
  • Aldo Sollazzo
  • Inés Peláez
  • Nicolás Markuerkiaga
  • Robert D. Thompson, etc.

- Training specialized professionals able to meet the current demand for the design of experiential commercial spaces.

- Equipping students with the tools and work methodologies necessary to cope with the challenges of the new brand-customer paradigm in which products or services are chosen for the experience that they provide before purchase and during consumption/use.

- Providing a comprehensive design training system in order to enable students to generate innovative new concepts in digital technology and culture.

- Designing and managing experiential interior design projects in the various stages of conception, development and construction and execution of the work.

- Managing the design and innovation process of specialized projects in the retail and hospitality sectors.

- Promoting experimentation and research in the subject in order to give students the opportunity to study for a doctorate.

LCI Barcelona has a wide network of relationships with companies and institutions linked to design world that allows students enrolled in MASTER PROGRAMMES to develop professional internships and enter the labour market.

  • Design of new concepts and formats for commercial spaces
  • Design of new concepts and formats for the hotel and restaurant industry (Hospitality Design)
  • Design of experiences for corporate spaces
  • Design of interactive experiences in commercial spaces
  • Design of interactive experiences in exhibition spaces: museums, exhibitions, stands and events
  • Art direction for interior and spatial design projects
  • Design of interactive experiences in spaces in the retail and hospitality industry sectors
  • Creative and art direction for brands in the retail and hospitality sectors
  • Design and innovation management of projects specializing in these sectors

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