Official Master Degree in Experience Interior Design
Masters and Postgraduates | MA007 | Official Master Degree in Experience Interior Design

This program places the student at the center of the practice of space design. Through knowledge, techniques and skills structured around a project culture, he will learn to generate creative solutions to integrate as best as possible the influence of human experience on the relationship that users engage in and with places.

The integration of technology, as well as a multi-channel and 360-degree view of the user experience (now located in the center of research and development of projects) allow the program's student to acquire the necessary skills to carry out projects specialized in the emotional experience of space.

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  • Certification: Official Master Degree in Experience Interior Design
  • Language: The lessons will be taught in English. Projects, presentations, etc. can also be done in Spanish or Catalan.
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Program length: 1 year divided in 2 semesters
  • Dates: October to July
  • Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 18 to 22h
  • Specialty itineraries:
    • Commercial spaces (Retail Design)
    • Hotel and catering spaces (Hospitality Design)
  • Directors: Dr. Carmelo Zappulla and Pedro Coelho
  • Dr. Iván Álvarez
  • Dr. Edgar Domínguez Carreño
  • Aldo Sollazzo
  • Inés Peláez
  • Nicolás Markuerkiaga
  • Robert D. Thompson, etc.

- Training specialized professionals to deal with the current demand for experiential commercial spaces design.

- Providing students with the tools and work methodologies that are necessary to face the challenges brought about by the new paradigm of brand-customer relationship in which a product or service is chosen by the experience offered before purchase and during consumption.

- Integrating a training design methodology to be able to generate new concepts of innovation around technology and digital culture.

Discover the creations of our Interior Design students.

  • Design of new concepts and formats for commercial spaces (Retail Design)
  • Design of new concepts and formats of spaces for hotels and restaurants (Hospitality Design)
  • Design of experiences for corporate spaces
  • Design of interactive experiences in commercial spaces
  • Design of interactive experiences in exhibition spaces: museography, exhibitions, stands, etc.
  • Design of interactive experiences in spaces of the hotel trade
  • Design of narratives of corporate visual identity in space
  • Art direction for projects of interior design and space design
  • Creative and artistic management for brands in the retail and hospitality sector
  • Management of design and innovation of specialized projects in these sectors