Interior Design Course
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Currently, the interior designer has a very wide area of action that exceeds the limits of housing. Is a professional who can face challenges such as the design of commercial spaces (flagship stores, showrooms, pop-up stores...) or ephemerals (stands, temporary exhibitions, scenography for theater or television, museography, etc.). With this course you will be introduced in the current reality of the discipline, will know the terminology of the sector and will realize different projects of the interior designer day to day.

  • Certification: Interior Design Course
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program length: 60 hours
  • Dates: 03/07 - 06/20
  • Schedule: Wednesdays, from 18 to 22h
  • Coordinators: David Pablo and Daniel García

- Understanding the current reality of the interior design activity.

- Bringing into contact with the vocabulary of this field.

- Introducing students to the design of houses and furniture interior spaces.

- Introducing students to the creation of commercial spaces.

- Introducing students to the design of exhibition spaces.

Students or professionals from other areas who wish to take his first steps in the field of interior design.

Discover the creations of our Interior Design students.

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