Crowdfunding for Designers. From Idea to Business
Professionalization Courses | 0CPP9CRO | Crowdfunding for Designers. From Idea to Business

Thanks to micromanaging, the designer can directly get his idea to the user without going through intermediaries or companies. In this course we will give the keys to successfully carry out a crowdfunding campaign taking into account aspects such as conception, prototyping, manufacturing systems, brand concept, financing, branding, corporate image, communication, management of products, stocks, etc.

  • Certification: Crowdfunding for Designers. From Idea to Business
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program length: 60 hours
  • Dates: 03/07 - 06/20
  • Schedule: Wednesdays, from 18 to 22h
  • Coordinator: Ernest Perera
  • Albert Rof

- Understanding the methodologies of crowdfunding campaigns.

- Knowing the global complexity of a brand.

- Complementing and expanding knowledge in relation to digital design and manufacturing.

- Knowing and integrating management concepts and branding elements.

- Incorporating aspects in the communication of a product.

- Identifying new types of business and entrepreneurship in the design environment through the new productive paradigm made possible by digital manufacturing.

Graduates in product design, product managers, fashion designers, design professionals and artists. Also people of art and culture: cultural managers, artists, producers, curators, editors, teachers, designers, musicians, artisans, independent entrepreneurs and creative professionals in general.

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