Hats and Headgears Workshop
Summer Courses | 0VMP9SOM | Hats and Headgears Workshop

A few decades ago, forgetting the hat or headgear was as unusual as leaving the bag. Today, these complements that seem to have become obsolete are experiencing a clear comeback and they continue being important at certain times, both for their functionality and for their relevance in certain social events.

In this course we will learn to make hats and headgears using different materials: felt, straw, fabric, ribbons, headbands, nets and unusual materials... The student will draw up a shaped hat and different prototypes of headgears.

  • Certification: Hats and Headgears Workshop
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program length: 40 hours
  • Dates: From 2nd to 13th July
  • Schedule: Mondays to Fridays, from 10 to 14h
  • Nina Pawlowsky

- Providing students with the basic techniques to produce hats and headgears without needing an important technological infrastructure, complementing their fashion collections design.

- Analyzing the hat in it different versions: felt, straw, clothing, for men, women, show...

- Learning different techniques on hats according to the characteristics of materials and production needs.

- Using shoe trees to shape felt or straw, special interlinings, thermoplastics, etc.

- Using appropriate techniques in each headgear model.

- Applying appropriate materials depending on the model and the opportunity to use it.

- Promoting the attention to detail and the importance of ornaments as costume's "final touch".

People with basic knowledge in design, pattern making and sewing who want to specialize in hats and headgears design and clothing.

Discover the creations of our Fashion Design students.

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