Product Management and Distribution in the Fashion Industry
Professionalization Courses | 0CMC9GES | Product Management and Distribution in the Fashion Industry

Globalization, import/export, productivity, profitability, competitiveness, integral logistics… are terms that currently are part of the vocabulary of the business world and to whom the fashion sector cannot remain detached. In addition to design, innovation and quality, the new projects must take into account the strategies for improvement and flexibility of the productive processes to succeed. This course will reveal those management tools and marketing practices that allow you to compete in a market where the consumer can choose between a wide range of products.

  • Certification: Product Management and Distribution in the Fashion Industry
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program length: 60 hours
  • Dates: 02/02 - 06/29
  • Schedule: Fridays, from 19 to 22h

- Having an international vision of the main players in the sector (brands, groups, distributors...).

- Knowing how to relate "collection plan" and "distribution typology".

- Knowing the internal organization of the company and the related services in the collection plan.

- Knowing the production problems related to the characteristics of the different production systems.

- Knowing how to manage correctly the purchase process.

- Differentiating the main types of costs associated with productive processes and their involvement in the precise procedures for decision making.

- Knowing the philosophy of total quality management, the elements that define it and the techniques used currently to implement it.

- Learning the basic approaches and techniques for the planning and calculation of requirements.

- Knowing the importance of the logistic chain’s correct administration.

- Knowing the different distribution systems.

- Knowing how to define the most suitable distribution system, taking into account the typology of the commercial structure and the new formats such as online sales, shopping centers, franchise affiliation, outlets, pop-up stores, etc.

  • Coordinator: Aída Gimenez
  • Natalia Sala
  • Joan Sintes

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