Postgraduate in Fashion Events Planning
Masters and Postgraduates | ES02B | Postgraduate in Fashion Events Planning

Most of the companies and firms in this sector organize different events in order to publicize their product. To carry out this task, it is essential the work of great professionals who are capable not only of assuming the management, production and coordination of the event itself, but also of adapting to the budgets that are currently available.

This postgraduate offers a broad vision of the organization of fashion events, with special relevance to the fashion shows, showrooms and fairs of the sector, as well as inaugurations, exhibitions and conventions.

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  • Certification: Postgraduate in Fashion Events Planning
  • Language: Spanish
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Program length: 1 semester
  • Dates: October to February
  • Schedule:
    • Option A: Monday to Thursday, 15:30h - 18:30h
    • Option B: Monday to Thursday, 19:00h - 22:00h
  • Director: Barbara Estaún
  • Daniel Cantó
  • Gemma de la Puente
  • David Places
  • Magda de los Santos
  • Natalia Merino
  • Lluís Sallés, etc.

This postgraduate is integrated in the Master in Fashion Marketing, Communication and Events Planning, so after completing the program, the student may do, if he/she wants, the Postgraduate in Fashion Marketing and Communication to get the master title.

- Providing the student with the necessary knowledge for planning a catwalk show.

- Coordinating the presentation of new collections through showrooms or fairs.

- Setting up an exhibition and knowing how to perform a convention production, as well as a shop opening.

  • Advisor event production agency
  • PR agency consultant
  • Showroom management
  • Public relations for fashion events
  • Events manager

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