Fashion Design Course
Professionalization Courses | 0CMD9INT | Fashion Design Course

With this program you will acquire the basic technical and creative knowledge for the creation and technical execution of a fashion collection. The contents include all those aspects that a good designer must know: materials and fabrics, color charter, research and conceptualization, trends, pattern making, styling, etc. and other notions related to the textile industry. Taught by expert teachers and with collaborations of many professionals in the sector, this course does not require previous knowledge in fashion.

  • Certification: Fashion Design Course
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program length: 80 hours
  • Dates: 02/02 - 06/29
  • Schedule: Fridays, from 17 to 21h
  • Coordinator: Estefanía Feu
  • Aída Giménez
  • Mónica Jiménez
  • Roser Masip
  • Dolors Noguer
  • Gabriel Torres

- Acquiring basic knowledge in the area of fashion design.

- Developing conceptual thought from an idea and integrate technical development with creative one.

- Knowing how to interpret fashion trends and create a trend panel or moodboard.

- Acquiring the hability to analyze and coordinate line, color and fabrics trends to apply them in collections.

- Obtaining the drawing base needed to develop figurines and fashion drawing plane in collections.

- Acquiring basic knowledge of technical drawing plane to identify and become familiar with the different types of garment and understand the passage from 2D to 3D.

- Knowing the color symbology and studying their physical characteristics.

- Differentiating tissues according to their qualities.

- Understanding the importance of pattern making in fashion collections.

People who are interested in this subject and who wish to enter into the fashion collections design world. No previous knowledge in this field is required.

Discover the creations of our Fashion Design students.

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