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Professor | Miguel Elola Zaragueta

Miguel Elola Zaragueta

Donostiarra at heart but Catalan by adoption, he was influenced by the great designers Cristóbal Balenciaga and Pedro Rodríguez from an early age thanks to his father, who was a disciple of both. He had the opportunity to meet Rodríguez and see how he used to work.

Miguel studied at Feli Institute, Guerrero School and other academies. During that time, he combined a career in design and pattern making with a family workshop. He completed his studies in firms such as Antonio Miró or Santa Eulalia and later became a freelance in Skin Selección, Infocsa, etc. 

Years later, he returns to FD Moda as a professor, a job that he combines with his own brand. Specialist in haute couture and furriery, he also holds an annual master class at Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa and provides training for companies such as Cortefiel or Pronovias.

Fashion Design
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