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Professor | Hiroshi Tsunoda

Hiroshi Tsunoda

Born in Tokio in 1974, he is a Japanese designer established in Barcelona since 2000. Since he was a child, Hiroshi liked painting and working with his hands but it was after seeing a documentary about Giorgetto Giugiaro when his interest for design began. His fascination for the American culture, specially the cinema and basketball, make him to move to Chicago and then study design in the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, an experience that allowed him to develop his talent and technique apart from acquiring his own style.

His design identity is the formal simplicity, which brings a strong geometric character in his designs and provides them with a big honesty in relation with their function and the material used. Hiroshi finds the inspiration to design new products in this closer surroundings, in the small problems of the daily life and exploring continuously new formal and conceptual fields.

In 2005 Hiroshi decided to found his own studio in Barcelona with the idea to offer innovative and fresh solutions, seen from a multicultural point. During these years, the studio has collaborated with different profiles of national and international companies. The same year he creates DesignCode, a product editorial company based with the Design-à-porter: sensational design within everyone’s reach.

His designs has been showed around the world: London, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Hangzhou, Moscow… and he has participated in a huge number of talks and events, like the DesignAct in Moscow, the Formica Workshop in Miami, the Hangzhou International Design Festival in China, the Design of New Business Ideas organized by the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and DDI, Creatives Talks by Lladró in Valencia and The Creative Journeys in the Apple Store in Barcelona.

Hiroshi has combined his career as a designer with university teaching. In the last years he has taught at LCI, IED and Elisava in Barcelona, in the High Degree and in some Masters. He also had realized a huge number of workshops.


  • 2011 Good Design Award, Australian International Design Awards (AUS)
  • 2011 DesignEx Best New Product (AUS)
  • 2011 IIDA/HD Award for Excellence (USA)
Product Design
Interior Design
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